2017 African sambo Championships
The Seychelles, Victoria Mahé, May 12-14
2017 African Sambo Championships will be held in Roche Caiman Sports Complex, situated in the capital of the Seychelles, from May 12 to May 14. Sambo wrestlers from 11 African countries will take part in the competitions. As it has already been reported on FIAS website, experiment in reduction of weight categories both in sport sambo and combat sambo among men and women will be performed. The general sponsor of 2017 African Sambo Championships is Rosneft Oil Company.
The Seychelles host such high-ranking competitions for the first time. Expansion of the geography of hosting countries is a focused policy of African Sambo Confederation. In 2014, African Championships was held in Cameroon for the first time, in 2016 competitions took place in Niger, in 2017 it is the Seychelles' turn. As practice shows, hosting such a high-ranking tournament arouses great interest for sambo and increases the number of people, who want to practice sambo. In addition, national mass media tell about the tournament, which allows people, who are not so close to sports, learn about sambo.
In 2016 African Championships was held in Niger for the first time
Sambo wrestlers from Algeria, Benin, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, the Republic of the Congo, Mauritius, Morocco, Niger, Tunisia and from the hosting country of the tournament – the Seychelles –will participate in 2017 African Sambo Championships. Struggle for the medals is expected to be fierce and incredibly emotional. You can learn how emotional sambo tournaments are in Africa from the video about the previous year's continental Championships, organized in Niger.
Sambo Emotions!!!
African Sambo Championships 2016 in Niger
One more historical peculiarity will be running beach sambo competitions as a part of continental Championships. It is planned that competitions will be run in demo mode; sportsmen will be able to try their hands in it in order to develop beach sambo further in their countries. Nowadays beach sambo is being developed at a torrid pace in Asia, where sambo tournament has already been included in the program of two Asian Beach Games. The Africans are ready to join this race and show what they are capable of.
The main competition arena (apart from great Seychellois beaches) will become Roche Caiman Sports Complex, which hosts sambo Championships for the first time. Previously many volleyball, basketball, other sporting tournaments and public events were organized here. It is not far off until top-level sambo reaches a new corner of the planet.
"The tournament is at the close of organization. We are ready to host and accommodate all sportsmen and to provide them with the best conditions in preparation for the tournament and trainings, - President of the Seychelles Sambo Association Monique Athanasis said. – Fans are looking forward to seeing live sambo and encouraging their national teams at the competitions. Our sportsmen will perform in all weight categories of sport sambo and in some weight categories of combat sambo. Media representatives are ready to cover actively all tournament events, since sambo is a new but a very interesting sport for the Seychelles. Hosting such a high-ranking tournament as African Championships is a great honor for us."
The details of the tournament, as well as participants and hosts' opinions and the results will be available on FIAS website.
Competition program
May 12, Friday
Preliminary fights
Men – 57, 68, 82 kgs.

Women – 64, 72 kgs.

Combat sambo – 62, 74, 90 kgs.
Opening ceremony
Participating countries' parade. Welcome speech. Show program
Final fights. Medal ceremony
Deciding fights in weight categories

May 13, Saturday
Preliminary fights
Men – 62, 74, 90 kgs.
Women – +80 kgs.
Combat sambo – 68, 82, 100 kgs.
Final fights. Medal ceremony
Deciding fights in weight categories

May 14, Sunday
Beach sambo
Demo combats
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