challenges female sambists worldwide

"Share Your Story"

The new FIAS gender equality campaign kicks off today
with a 'breathtaking' video
Twenty-three years old, journalism student and SAMBO European Games champion Ivana Jandric works hard and walks confidently towards her goals. Bigger than her selection of medals is the collection of admiration, respect and inspiration she gathered on the way. Stronger than her muscles and wrestling capabilities are her self-confidence and belief that she can fight for her objectives. Unfortunately, Ivana knows that this is not the reality of every woman around the world and that thousands continue to suffer discrimination and violence.
As a member of the FIAS Women and Athletes' Commissions, Ivana is leading the FIAS new campaign to promote gender equality: Share your Story. Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 5, which stands for achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls, FIAS wants to encourage all athletes around the world to speak up and share the main challenges they face in the practice of SAMBO.

"We want to identify the biggest problems surrounding the female athletes and then try to solve them, however we can't help anyone if we do not have a clear image and vision of the problems we are dealing with", explained Ivana.
We can't help anyone if we do not have a clear image and vision of the problems we are dealing with.
The campaign is very simple: the female sambists will post a video on their social media showing their SAMBO routine and exposing their thoughts and challenges on the sport and use #SAMBOYourStory in the description.

The second step is to invite and call up another sambist to join the wave and share their video. With a dose of sweat and good humour, Ivana kicked off the campaign today on FIAS Facebook page. You can watch the video here!
Every big change starts with small gestures and hearing female athletes' voices to help them overcome their sporting challenges is an important step towards achieving equal opportunities.

As the United Nations observed "Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful world". Therefore, FIAS encourages all athletes to put their kurtkas on and raise their voice!
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