"Along with physical qualities,
you need to keep a clear head"

World champion 2015 in weight category under 90 kg among men
1. Please recall and describe the emotions you felt when you became a world SAMBO champion in 2015.

"I was satisfied that I reached the final with a back injury and still won!"

2. How did they congratulate you? What do you remember most?

"Congratulations from the coaching staff and my personal trainer: 'Way to go, man. You did it!' I also remember how my teammates got me out of bed in the morning."

3. How has your life changed in the year since the last world championships? Does the status of the world SAMBO champion help you in sports and in everyday life?

"It helps because I'm a great example for future masters. It's also an incentive for those already practicing, who want to give up before reaching the top or their level."
Болельщикам и соперникам: скоро встретимся!
4. Where do you keep your gold medal? How important is it for you?

"Any medal is important and meaningful to me."

5. Will you participate in the 2016 World SAMBO Championships in Bulgaria? If yes, how is your training going?

"I won't be competing, because I didn't qualify at the Russian Championships."

6. What qualities do you need to become a world SAMBO champion?

"Along with physical qualities, you need to keep a clear head, and this is where psychology becomes important."

7. What would you like to say to your fans? And to your opponents?

"To my fans and opponents: See you soon!"
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