Sambists presented Paraguay's Minister of Sports with a T-shirt autographed by Paraguayan footballer Lorenzo Melgarejo

Press-conference, dedicated to the Panamerican Sambo Championships 2016, took place in Asunsión (Paraguay).
The main speaker at the press conference was Paraguay's Minister of Sports, Victor Pecci, who emphasized the importance of holding this event in Paraguay, and noted that the championships would boost the development of SAMBO, not only in Paraguay, but also in the whole region.
Michal Buchel, FIAS CEO, not only spoke to reporters about the progress and development of SAMBO in the world, but also presented a souvenir to the Minister from FIAS – a T-shirt autographed by Paraguayan footballer Lorenzo Melgarejo.
Recently, representatives of the International SAMBO Federation visited Lorenzo Melgarejo, a Paraguayan midfielder playing for the Russian club Spartak.

Lorenzo not only signed T-shirts given out as prizes to the most avid viewers of the Pan American Championship, which will be held in his native Paraguay, but also learned some SAMBO techniques and wished all participants good luck at the SAMBO Championship starting in Asunción.

In a country where football is number one sport, this souvenir was greatly appreciated.
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