Sambo makes history in Cheongju

Sambo players debut
at the I World Martial Arts Masterships in Korea
In the Korean city of Cheongju today, on September 2, a historic event has been held: the official opening ceremony of the I World Martial Arts Masterships. Tomorrow there will be one more historical event in this city as a sambo tournament is starting. Moreover, the competitions will be held on the same arena where the opening ceremony has been held today.
Sambo wrestlers will compete with each other for two days. About 100 participants from 11 countries will compete for medals of the competition: there will be 3 weight categories among women, 5 for men in sport sambo and 5, in combat sambo. The video of how sambo was represented at the opening ceremony of the masterships in the multisport complex "Cheongju University" is available for you right now:
Overall, the festival presents 16 different sports and disciplines. In addition to sambo, there are kendo, horseback archery, muay thai, martial arts, judo, jiu-jitsu, kurash, kickboxing, taekwondo, taekkyeon, hapkido, yongmudo, tong-yl mo-do, belt wrestling, competition of records and a martial arts show. In total, the festival will bring together more than 2,000 athletes from 87 countries.
The official opening ceremony of the I World Martial Arts Masterships
And on the eve of the sambo tournament we went to the athletes' village to learn the mood of the participants before the start and see how they are preparing. The first to be seen were the athletes from Thailand, already in a hurry to be weighed. A few days ago they participated in the President of FIAS's Sambo Cup, which also took place in Korea, in the city of Donghae. And they managed to win some medals! Inspired by the success, they promise to "make some noise" in the competition this time also.
The athletes from Thailand promise
to "make some noise" in the competition
Charged with the positive mood from the guys, we go after them to be present at the weighing. However, you can get to the place quickly enough without escort. Navigating in the athletes' village is excellent: you just need to follow the signs.
Before the weighing starts, the judges are in a good mood. The final preparations are ending and the athletes are prepared to see the much-awaited numbers on the scales' screen. For some, every gram counts, and some are calm about it because they perform in their "working" weight.
У судей хорошее настроение
The main referee of the competition Mahmud Abdulloev said that on the first day of the competition the athletes will perform in the following weight categories: women: 60 kg and 68 kg, men: 62 kg and 82 kg; combat sambo: 74 kg and 100 kg. The weighing before the second day of the tournament will be held on the arena. Medals will be distributed in the following weight categories: women: 64 kg, men: 57 kg, 74 kg and 100 kg; combat sambo: 62 kg, 68 kg and 82 kg.
Combat sambo wrestler from Kyrgyzstan Azamat Shamshidinov showed that he was in excellent physical shape and was adhered to the declared weight category of 74 kg. "Normal", - loudly announces the referee, and the athlete with confident steps goes to prepare for tomorrow's fighting. When asked about the purpose of the tournament, Azamat replies that he only thinks about the gold medal.
Azamat replies that he only thinks about the gold medal
Weighing takes place as usual, and we go out into the street to see where the athletes spend their free time. Most of them are occupied either by walking or jogging through the territory. The representatives of Singapore are running somewhere and obviously are in a hurry. Apparently they must get to the weighing. However, seeing the camera they take the time to pose a little on the run. The result is presented to your attention.
The representatives of Singapore take the time to pose a little on the run
So you can get a full impression of the place where the athletes live, we offer you a small photo gallery of natural surroundings of the athletes' village. Scroll and dive into its atmosphere! And all the details of the sambo tournament you can look up on the FIAS's site:
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