"To become a world SAMBO champion,
you have to learn how to lose"

World champion 2015 in weight category under 60 kg among women
1. Please recall and describe the emotions you felt when you became a world SAMBO champion in 2015.

– Words can't express emotions, of course. It's incredible happiness and desolation at the same time. Desolation, because you've achieved the goal you've been pursuing your whole life, the one you woke up and fell asleep with for several months, and the one you worked your butt off training for. But of course, there are more positive emotions! Especially because I've managed to do what my family and friends expected of me!

2. How did they congratulate you? What do you remember most?

– My coaches, who were there with me, were the first to congratulate me and share my triumph. The meeting at the airport, where my family, friends and other people close to me gathered together, really stands out. It was hard to control my emotions, and at that moment I realized that everything I had done, all the trials I had been through were worth it!

3. How has your life changed in the year since the last world championships? Does the status of the world SAMBO champion help you in sports and in everyday life?

– I was awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports – one of the most important and proudest events of the past year.
Each of my medals and cups has its own history and memories
4. Where do you keep your gold medal? How important is it for you?

– The medal is at my mother's home in a display case with all my awards. The medal is as important for me as all the others, because without them, I wouldn't have won it. Each of my medals and cups has its own history and memories.

5. Will you participate in the 2016 World SAMBO Championships in Bulgaria? If yes, how is your training going?

– I won't be competing in Sofia, because I didn't take part in the 2016 Russian championships.

6. What qualities do you need to become a world SAMBO champion?

– To become a world SAMBO champion, you have to learn how to lose. Nothing else builds character and leads to improvement of yourself and your technique like falling. It's only after you manage to pick yourself up that you see you can do better!

7. What would you like to say to your fans? And to your opponents?

– I'd like to thank my fans and opponents. To my fans, for their faith in me, and to my opponents, for making me always work on myself and move forward. Both of them have helped me become a world champion, so THANK YOU from all my heart!
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