"The best prayer is doing"

World champion 2015 in weight category under 68 kg among women
1. Please recall and describe the emotions you felt when you became a world SAMBO champion in 2015.

– Something in between feeling burned out and satisfied that I've finally won a world SAMBO championship.

2. How did they congratulate you? What do you remember most?

– The congratulations were great, I would say classic. At the airport, with flowers, young athletes from our school and our coaches, of course. But no one can congratulate you better than your family.

3. How has your life changed in the year since the last world championships? Does the status of the world SAMBO champion help you in sports and in everyday life?

– The greatest achievement is our daughter who was born last year.
The greatest achievement is our daughter who was born last year
4. Where do you keep your gold medal? How important is it for you?

– My world championship gold medal is at my mother's place, like all my other medals and awards. I don't have any special admiration for it; it's just a memory of a job well done.

5. Will you participate in the 2016 World SAMBO Championships in Bulgaria? If yes, how is your training going?

– I didn't take part in the Russian qualifying championships, so I'm not going to the world championships this year either.

6. What qualities do you need to become a world SAMBO champion?

– I think it's faith in yourself, your coach and the people who help you prepare for the start.

7. What would you like to say to your fans? And to your opponents?

– What my husband says: "The best prayer is doing". You couldn't say it better.
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